Blanchard to visit Tallassee elementary school

Linda Blanchard will visit Tallassee Elementary School on Monday, Feb. 7. During the visit, Blanchard will be making a $2,500 dollar donation to the school library in honor of former Tallassee teacher and librarian, Dianne Norrell.

Norell retired from teaching in 2015 and was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2017. She overcame the cancer, but contracted COVID-19 in late 2020. After a year-long battle with COVID complications, Norell died in September 2021. The donation will be made on behalf of Linda Maherg, Dianne Norell’s sister.

Blanchard will be on the ballot in the Republican primary on May 24. She is a wife, mother, businesswoman and philanthropist from Montgomery. President Donald Trump appointed Blanchard to serve as ambassador to Slovenia.