Lindy Blanchard Spends Wednesday in Rural Alabama Schools, Pledges to End Common Core

On Wednesday, Lindy Blanchard was present at 8am and spent the first day back to school with Cullman County students and teachers. Blanchard spoke to a large group of students and fielded questions at Fairview, Vinemont and West Point High Schools and also toured the Child Development Center with Principal Chris Chambers.

Students across the system expressed their concerns with vaccine mandates being put in place by college institutions, preventing many from having the chance at a higher education because they were unwilling to take the shot. When asked how many students would not be taking the shot, almost 3/4 of the students raised their hands. Blanchard assured them that when she is Governor, she would follow in the steps of Florida and would stand strong to not allow colleges to refuse students admittance because of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Educators also spoke that they feel as if their voices are not being heard when it comes decision making in Montgomery, and were thrilled to see a potential Governor talk to people who work in the classroom about policy in education. One of the main concerns for teachers throughout Alabama is the common core curriculum.

“When I’m your Governor, common core will be a thing of the past. It’s time to give people who are actually in the classroom a voice in Montgomery. I’m not a politician, I am a mathematician” said Blanchard, who holds a math degree from Auburn University, “It’s time that we put a priority on education in this state.”

Lindy, who also previously served the Trump Administration as it’s Ambassador to Slovenia, also told stories to students of her time spent with President Trump, and experiences she had in Slovenia while serving the President.