Press Release: Lindy Blanchard For Governor Launches Two New Television Ads


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Montgomery, AL– The Blanchard for Governor campaign launched two new ads which started on broadcast and cable television today. They will run 50/50 statewide. 

The first ad, “Sense” asks if Governor Kay Ivey’s record makes sense? The second, “Core” highlights Lindy Blanchard’s national security experience as a Trump appointee and compares and contrasts Ivey to Blanchard. 

“Try as I may, I cannot make sense of Kay Ivey’s liberal record. It’s no wonder she’s trying to rewrite history about her record but her actions speak louder than any campaign ad she may put out. 

“After signing a pledge to not raise taxes, she led the charge to do just that. Now, while gas prices are devastating family budgets, she refuses to act and lead the effort to provide the relief we need.

 “During the pandemic, Kay Ivey shut down Alabama businesses; adding insult to injury she condemned and mocked those who made the personal decision not to get the COVID-19 vaccination. It’s safe to say that when Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci are on your side, you’re on the wrong side of Alabama”, said Lindy Blanchard.

Blanchard continued, “After the 2020 election, where widespread fraud put Joe Biden in office, Kay Ivey gave up on President Donald Trump and welcomed Joe Biden with open arms. When Trump came to town? Ivey couldn’t be bothered to stand with him.

“Kay Ivey doesn’t believe President Donald Trump won the election and she doesn’t believe Alabama voters are smart enough to see through her weak leadership on the issue. 

“One of President Donald Trump’s legacies will be his conservative court appointments. Given the same opportunity, Kay Ivey appointed 8 liberal judges to Alabama courts. This includes choosing democrats to run elections in major counties rather than Trump conservatives. 

I will stand up for the voters and make sure that confidence is restored to the election process. I will only appoint republicans.”

Script “Sense”:

Voice Over: Does Kay Ivey make sense to you?

Ivey proudly raised our gas tax. Its crushing us at the pump.

And Ivey said on the pandemic “It’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks.” 

Blame the unvaccinated? That earned Ivey praise from Biden and Fauci. 

And why don’t we ever see Ivey rally with President Trump in Alabama?

Kay Ivey makes funny comments. 

Her actions speak louder than her words.

Script “Core”

Voice Over: President Trump trusted Lindy Blanchard with national security issues, because Lindy is strong, conservative, and tough. 

And she backs it up. 

Lindy believes the election was stolen from Trump. Kay Ivey thinks Biden’s victory was legitimate

Lindy believes Alabama should not do business with the Chinese. Kay Ivey expanded Chinese trade

Lindy will appoint conservatives as judges. Kay Ivey appointed Democrats to the bench.

Trump-tested, Conservative to the core. A clear choice.

Lindy Blanchard for Governor.

These ads follow a series introducing Blanchard and her priorities to the state. The first introductory ads can be found here and here. Lindy’s more recent ad, a pledge to protect Alabama from the surge of illegal immigration can be found here
Blanchard is on the ballot in the Republican primary for Governor on May 24th. She is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist from Montgomery, Alabama. A conservative outsider, Blanchard has never run for elected office before and will bring a fresh perspective, vast business and management experience, and conservative common sense to the governor’s office.

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