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Lindy and Blanchard family

Meet Lindy

Lindy Blanchard’s Alabama roots run deep. Her ancestors were some of the first settlers in the region, long before Alabama became a state. Her family planted three different Church of Christ churches in the state. Her family saw to it that she grew up with a firm foundation of faith in God.

As a child, Lindy and her family lived in a trailer in Wetumpka. She grew up swimming in the Coosa River and gathering with her family after church on Sundays to eat, play dominoes and play badminton. Until she was asked by President Donald J. Trump to be America’s Ambassador to Slovenia, she had spent her whole life in Alabama…

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Latest News

‘Special place in my heart’: Blanchard campaigns in Huntsville

Republican gubernatorial candidate Lindy Blanchard has staked out Huntsville as a place of special focus for her campaign for governor. Blanchard stated recently that she has close ties to the Huntsville community.

“I’m Alabama born and raised, but Huntsville has a special place in my heart,” Blanchard said.


Andrea Tice: That’s some bold-face Balderdash, ‘Govna’

What a shame there is no such thing as political perjury charges for candidates in an election year. The potential threat of handcuffs and a perp walk is about the only mechanism that could slow the roll of some politicians’ claims.


Lindy Blanchard receives American Conservative Union endorsement

Lindy Blanchard, a candidate in Alabama’s governor’s race, on Wednesday received the endorsement of the American Conservative Union.

“Lindy Blanchard is running for Gov of AL and CPAC is proud to endorse her,” said ACU chair Matt Schlapp in a statement.


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