Mike Lindell

“The foundation of our democracy is under attack and we need warriors willing to stand up for election integrity here in Alabama and across this great nation. As officials at the state and local levels too often take for granted the security of each and every ballot, we must be confident that those in power will take a stand for democracy. Here in Alabama, we have a governor who has ushered in a dark era of absentee voting, where transparency takes a backseat to convenience, and confidence in the process falls by the wayside in an election year. I have taken on the deep, dark corners of election fraud in this nation, and I am proud to stand with Lindy Blanchard because I know she will fight to ensure each and every legal ballot in the great state of Alabama is counted.”

— Mike Lindell

American Conservative Union

“Lindy Blanchard is running for Gov of AL and CPAC is proud to endorse her. Blanchard stands for lower taxes, less Gov’t and more transparency. She built a family business, generously helps children around the world and served with honor as an Ambassador for President Donald Trump.”

— Matt Schlapp, ACU chair

Colonel James Henderson

“I’m pleased to endorse Lindy Blanchard for Governor because she is the strongest candidate and will serve Alabama best. She’s not only the best candidate for jobs and economic development but she is a proven pro-life, family-oriented candidate, and I strongly support her.”

— Colonel James Henderson, of the Christian Pro-Life Council

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